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Ritchie & Yulu ~ December 26, 2016
I got to meet Elisa because she was highly recommended by a friend, and I attended an event coordinated by her. Before that, I got to meet potential coordinators before and I was dissatisfied with the initial meeting. Some come to the initial meeting late and unprepared.
Not with Elisa. She is very professional, always on time and prepared with the things to discuss. The most important for us is she speaks fluent Mandarin since my wife speaks only Cantonese and Mandarin.
People usually don't get married every year so no one has experience setting up a wedding. So as expected, I don't have budget yet for each item, and naturally I would expect the person to organize my wedding to give me a heads up on what i would be spending (budget range) on each supplier. She was able to do just that during the initial meeting and so we decided to get her services. She even helped me introduce suppliers for us to choose from, and helped negotiate for a lower price once we have chosen our suppliers. Our meetings have specific agenda and are very detailed.
A few weeks before the wedding, I was already being anxious that I did not have everything well thought out...that the wedding day will be a mess. On the day itself, everything turned out well and I did not need to worry about anything. The wedding suppliers, and their tasks and schedule are well planned and executed. She even helped us compress tables so we can reduce our expenses, since Marriot Hotel bills per table opened. After the reception, the turnover of items and leftover are well delegated, and even the money needed for last minute purchases are well accounted for. This goes to show that experience beats planning. But having both will give best result!
Alvin & Tonilyn ~ October 6, 2016
Atsi Elisa was recommended to me by my friend. The first time we met, we knew that she was the one for us. We booked her right away without second thoughts. And YES! We made the right decision to hire atsi Elisa as our wedding coordinator. We hired her as a full time coordinator, we had a long wedding preparations, more than a year i think, but when we text her for some questions, she would help us at once! No hesitations. During our meetings, it not all about the wedding preps, we would sometimes exchange chismis, stories, etc. We found an "atsi" and a "friend." During our wedding day, everything went smoothly from the hotel, to the church and the reception of course. Her team is amazing! All you need will be provided at once. No worries was felt during your event. I highly recommend atsi elisa and her team to all the upcoming brides and grooms, and other events. Up until now, atsi elisa and I would still text each other for some kwentuhans! Thank you atsi elisa for all the help you did for us! God bless you and your team! ��
Manfred & Joanne ~ June 13, 2016
A special thank you to Wedding Bells Events Team for everything that you did for us in the lead up to and day of our wedding. You really did help us pull together the most special day of our lives!
Manfred and I hired Elisa and her team to help coordinate our wedding from start to finish and we were completely amazed by how everything came together.
Through the entire duration of our planning, Elisa was a constant source of helpfulness through her suggestions, advice, and immediate responsiveness to all of our needs. She remained unfailingly positive, despite the complications and pushed for us to get what we really wanted for our wedding day. Thank you for giving me my dream bouquet! Even though it was hard to get the flowers due to season and budget, she still managed to surprise me on my wedding day with those lovely flowers. And the event setting and flower centerpieces were just equally A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!
Nothing seemed to be too much trouble at any stage along our wedding journey. Elisa was always approachable and quick to respond so that we were never left wondering. She promptly answered all of our e-mails/ texts, gave us great suggestions for ceremony/reception ideas, and dealt with all of the headaches that come along with planning a wedding. It was obvious that she had everything so firmly under control, which meant that both us and our families could relax and enjoy our day. Her professionalism, dedication and kindness created the most prefect day.
We would also like to thank the whole team for the smooth execution of the wedding day itself. Elisa and her team did a wonderful job in taking care of everyone and everything, including the us bride and groom, along to the respective venues and activities. All our guests had an amazing time. Our guests have told us how beautiful and organized everything was! They said it was perfect! I would also like to thank Shiela, my bride assistant, for taking good care of me that day. I felt like a princess!
The most important thing about having Elisa as part of your wedding is that not only you�ll get your dream wedding, but also gained a friend in her.
Hands down to you Elisa and your team. It has been a pleasure working with you and we truly appreciate everything you have done for us. May God continue to bless and shower you with clients, so you can make their dream weddings come true, just like what you did with ours. XOXO
Johnson & Lyn Susan ~ April 5, 2016
I highly recommend Elisa and her team for both coordinating and hosting.

they have made my life simpler!! in the stress of planning our wedding, Elisa and her team have made me feel that things are going to be easy. They know what they're doing and Elisa's friendliness and cheerfulness certainly have made things more relaxed for me :) I usually pick up vibes and there's nothing but positive vibes from her and her team (unlike the other suppliers i had to deal with.. :/ )

even though Elisa was hired to be my host for the wedding, she still attended every single meeting meeting we had with her coordinating team.

on the day of the event, her team is very capable of handling their duties very well. They have been very respectful and accommodating especially with all my toilet breaks during the event. (special thanks to my bridal assistant who followed me around all day).

I will recommend Elisa and her team to my friends and family (a lot of them are not married) for their future events. Both for coordinating and hosting. Also, kudos to Elisa who looked stunning in her gown!!!!!! ;)
Ervinson & Shannon ~ January 18, 2016
Wedding Bells Events and Elisa-Sia Lim were indeed a very professional, efficient and organized team. It is very important to entrust your wedding day for such a team that is friendly, very meticulous, and detail oriented from our initial plannings/meetings down to the last minute changes and adjustments. They were so flexible, dependable and very accommodating whenever we have questions, problems or even advices. On our wedding day itself, we do not have to worry about anything since the entire team were very hands-on upon giving instruction and delegating each tasks and everyone's coordination and cooperation was smooth. We are so happy and contented on the outcome of our wedding day. Wedding Bells Events team did a great job upon making our wedding truly a success and special one. Thank you Atsi Elisa for being our wedding coordinator and emcee to the most important day of our lives. We highly recommend your team for future referrals to all our family, relatives and friends. Great job!!! :) :) :)
Hans & Madz ~ November 19, 2015
One of the best decisions we made when we were planning was asking Elisa and her team's help in coordinating our wedding.

We were really impressed with their extremely high level of professionalism, dedication, readiness, and experience. But what surprised us the most was Elisa's heart and passion for people. I'm sure there are others who are as professional, experienced, competent as Elisa, but what we really appreciate and love about Wedding Bells is their personal touch. They're doing everything as if it's their OWN wedding, and we think this is something that every couple would love to experience on their wedding day.

Most couples won't have a clue with what they need to do and who'll they need when they start planning their wedding. Elisa helped us review all the packages that we've availed from different suppliers. She helped us identify items that we won't need so that we can exchange it to something else, and for us, these advices are invaluable.

During meetings, she would go over everything in detail to make sure that everything was covered, and send an email afterwards to summarise everything we've discussed. It's tough planning a wedding from another country, but knowing that we have Elisa guiding us through the process immensely reduced the stress and increased our confidence during the planning. She is extremely task-oriented, that's why we always have concise and efficient meetings with her. But what we love the most is that our meetings are never the dry and serious type. Her bubbly personality and passion makes people want to be her friend. We really enjoyed our meetings with her and have developed a bond/friendship that goes beyond "work".

On the day of our wedding, we didn't have to worry about anything. Even though Elisa and her team are always running around making sure everything is running smoothly, they are constantly beside us as well. There's always someone from her team that is near us in case we need anything. Everything was well planned and executed perfectly. Everyone on her team shared the same level of professionalism and passion as Elisa, which shows that she leads and live by example.

We would also like to commend Marissa for her patience, kindness, and friendliness. She was beside Madz the entire day, helping her and supporting her in every way she can to make sure that Madz is worry-free. And of course, to Elisa's entire team (I'm really bad with names), we can't thank you enough for everything that you've done for us.

We're certain that our experience (from planning to execution) won't be as pleasant as what we had without Elisa and her team. I already recommended Elisa/Wedding Bells to a close friend who's getting married next year. After their first meeting, my friend kept on thanking me for referring Wedding Bells to them.

Once again, thank you so much, Elisa/Wedding Bells! Catch up soon!


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