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  • Six ( 6 ) coordinators, including/excluding myself, on the wedding day.
  • Provide you with a calendar or timetable for the months before the wedding day.
  • Provide the couple with a checklist to remind them of the things that needs to be prepared on the wedding day.
  • Suggest and recommend dependable suppliers.
  • Review all contracts entered with suppliers to make sure that suppliers deliver all that has been agreed upon
  • Assist in making the program for the reception.
  • Discuss and present different options for church processional sequence, church seating, pictorial sequence and reception processional sequence.
  • Discuss and present different options for presidential layout and seating arrangement.
  • Make necessary follow ups with your suppliers a month before the wedding.
  • Verify with supplier’s arrival and their delivery  of your requirements.
  • Brief ceremony participants ( entourage, lectors, offerers, readers ) of their respective duties and responsibilities.
  • Coordinate with all suppliers involved re: reception venue layout, cake table set up, registration table set up, gift table set up etc.
  • Handle final payments of suppliers on the wedding day.
  • Provide unlimited advice and consultations via phone, fax or email.
  • Maximum of 3 – 4 meetings.


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