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Mary and John


I stumbled upon ewedding while i was looking for a simple online RSVP for our wedding. After looking on ewedding i decided to start a trial account to see what ewedding offered. Without no interest in doing a web page, that change completely after i saw how easy and how elegant their site was. I would highly recommend the use of this website for an excellent way to have your guest be able to log on and RSVP, leave comments, and have a more interactive way to get involved. I havent had my website posted yet but im excited to send my RSVP card with my URL on them to see what people think!

Kathleen and Adrian


My fiance & I along with our guest totally love our website. We started to create our website to share the news of our engagement to our family and friends and to add on more information as we furthered our planning for our wedding especially since we work in Alaska but are orginally from California.

Just months into our engagement, our website was a big hit and recieved many positive compliments from family and friends. Plus having our own domain name and being able to put it on all our wedding related supplies such as invitation was something that showed we were up to date with technology.

Mina and Robert


eWedding.com is AWESOME! We were able to communicate our wedding plans with our family and friends by creating a centralized website with loads of information. I am definitely ordering a keepsake cd after the wedding to keep as a souvenir!

Denise and Scott


The ewedding website has assisted us with so many options for preparation of our wedding on May 31, 2008. The information that was provided made making our own website to share with family and friends so easy and understanding. This was the most effective way to share our wedding information with all of our guests on a daily basis, if needed which many of them are many miles away. After the completion of each step, you can ensure that everything has been taken care of and it will help you enjoy your special day.

Thank you very much!

Vanessa & Jean-Luc

Hermosillo, Mexico

Where do I start? eWedding is the best wedding website. I searched all over and looked at many different wedding websites to decide which one to use and yours was by far the best. The designs are amazing.

We live in Reston, VA., but we are getting married in Mexico next year and by far the site was so easy to use and most of all being able to communicate with mass numbers of our wedding party members that are coming from many countries. It has been very helpful for our out of towners and such a time-saver on planning their trips to our wedding. I can't thank you enough for this service!

Julie & Christopher

Atlanta, Georgia

As someone who does web design for a living this is by far the perfect solution to not only organizing your wedding for your guest but also sharing your story.

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